Daniel Lynch – Founder Medical Bill Gurus

Medical Bill Gurus is a healthcare startup that focuses on helping both patients and medical providers navigate the complexities of insurance billing and financial complexities of a broken healthcare system. Founded by Daniel Lynch, a former structural engineer, Medical Bill Gurus is focused on leveraging technology and empathy to do the problem solving on behalf of patients, and help minimize the financial burden patients experience on a daily basis that has caused medical bills to be the #1 cause of bankruptcy in the United States.


Working directly with patients, Medical Bill Gurus acts as a 3rd party billing resource for patients who have received significant medical bills at in-network providers, or have received treatment at out of network medical providers, as well as international providers, that require payment upfront for treatment and do not participate with insurance. As the average American is under-educated on how to interpret their insurance policy and not experienced on how to identify errors in their billing statements, patients turn to Medical Bill Gurus to assist them with navigating the complex world of insurance billing, and educate them on how to properly financially plan for costly medical treatment.

Medical Bill Gurus