Rico León

Rico León is a loud, outgoing, successful networking wizard!

Founder of the Future Consultants Company and the Future Networker YouTube podcast channel, Rico Leon is a loud, outgoing, successful networking wizard taking over the beautiful melting pot that is Denver, Colorado. Hailing from the East Coast, he was traveling to California two short years ago when his car broke down in Denver. He loved the city so much that he decided to make it his home. A Puerto Rican raised in Pittsburgh PA, his blue-collar heavy surroundings cultivated his enthusiastic work ethic and success.

Rico’s strength lies in his ability to put himself in the position of whoever he is talking with, no matter the industry. His goal is to bring in business in a personalized unique way by leveraging a person’s network, abilities and strengths. He has doubled a company’s yearly goals in under 90 days, and has already consulted over 60 clients since starting his business.

León’s podcast, launching in October 2018, is focused on interviewing local businesses in every industry to help them gain notoriety, to talk about their struggles in their industries and to coach them with his extensive knowledge on the value of networking. His mission is to teach people to add more value to what they do and to bring out the best version of themselves to grow their business.

He explains it best himself: “A huge reason I am so accomplished is mostly the reason why I do what I do. My real “why” is making other people’s “why” come true. I have always had the ability to sell someone better than they can sell themselves and to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses.

In the same vein, I teach that people can sell you better than you can sell yourself. We are all selling ourselves in our respective industries because we must; but imagine if you add value to other’s lives and help everyone you come in contact with and as a result you have people selling YOU at networking events and in their day to day interactions.

Rico León, founder of The Future Consultants and from HGTV's home renovation series Rico to the Rescue

Rico León from HGTV's home renovation series Rico to the Rescue.

This is a much more personal and valuable networking model that has worked amazingly for me. When people are trying to close you and get your money on day one this is an impersonal, superficial way of getting business. However, if you add value, expand your network and know how to utilize and leverage interpersonal interactions then you are creating a great reputation for yourself and beautiful relationships as well.

Networking is such a huge part of what we do to build our own brand. Add value. Create relationships. Bring in business.