A World With Too Many Good Salesmen

I’ve talked to 1000 Agents, 1000 Brokers, 1000 Contractors, 1000 Business reps and add 1000 Strong hand shakes that are followed with a very common pitch. Hey my names _____ and I _____, If you ever need _____ , I’m your guy/girl! “Original”

(The Issue)

When you say the same thing everyone in your industry says to someone, How can we “The consumer, customer or future client” tell if you are legit or not? Does your industry have a reputation of not being the most trusted bunch of folks? What can you do to get us thinking differently about you?

This day in age, selling yourself isn’t enough. You have to have people trusted in your community to not only refer you but mention your good work and that you can be trusted and have a good reputation. We live in a world now where everyone has gotten screwed over by somebody in sales. People just don’t believe good salesmen anymore. But that’s not necessarily A bad thing.

When you know how most people perceive your profession, Join them with that same assumption. HA, yes I know a lot of people in my profession that do it that way, That’s why I got into this profession. To change the way we help, the way we do business and the way people see our industry.

In the FUTURE people will become less and less trusting of salesmen. For the obvious reasons, you want our business for the $$$. The FUTURE of your businesses growth will come down to these 3 things. You have to have positive Reviews/Testimonials and Trusted introductions. The proof is in the written pudding! The world has to tell me you’re good. The world has to tell me you are to be trusted, the world has to sell you.


The future of your business will come a lot easier when you spend the time to take care of each client and make sure they have the most amazing experience working with you. Do more for them than just your profession. If you are an insurance agent, help them with something that is not affiliated with insurance.( Help them make connections, Invite them to networking events, help them with their social media) Good testimonials come from solving someones problem/helping them succeed/finding their pain points and doing exceptional at your job. Adding value is the key and god forbid helping them in business in return.

(The Outcome)

  1. Good reputation
  2. Growth in business
  3. Positive Testimonials and Reviews
  4. Easier Future
  5. Growth as a person
  6. Referral partner
  7. You don’t fall into the category of another good sales person but someone who helps and gives.

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