9 Ways I Personally Help my Clients Grow

Being brutally honest and caring about the success of my clients is first and foremost.

    1. A detailed overview of a consumers perspective on your website/ social media/business personal and non. (How people see you) How do you stack up via social media with more successful people in your industry?
    2. A strict and detailed overview of your time management – ROTI – This is by far one of the most powerful tools I use when I consult. This only works when my clients are fully transparent and want to change their habits to become more proficient. I have tools they use to track AND we cover things in detail in my office using a 70in smart touch screen smart board.
    3. Discovery – I have specific and detailed questions to gather everything from pain points, culture, weaknesses, wants and my analysis of what you have done successfully and not successfully to this point.
    4. A competitor analysis – Uncover what the rest of your competitors are doing right and wrong and how you can capitalize on it.
    5. Leverage – Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is a big part of what you can offer to not only your clients but referral/strategic partners — Detailed process highlighting this and learning how to leverage it.
    6. Networking strategy – Where are you spending your time when you’re not working? Growing your network is part of building a good reputation and puts you in a position to create work relationships and helps you build value. BUT, I teach you how to network different!
    7. Organization – Are you utilizing a CRM or project management software? Are you organizing email marketing campaigns? What are you goals? Are you giving yourself deadlines? Sweet, you have 100 business cards. What do you plan on doing with them?
    8. Access to my network – This happens when you utilize the tools and advice I have given you to grow you and-or your company. Which is earned after you have gotten to that point. I have a very strong, personally selected and high profile network that can jump-start any career.
    9. Accountability and follow up. After our first meeting, I will schedule another 2-4 weeks out to see how much you were able to accomplish with my assistance and help.

I can lead a horse to water but can’t make it drink it. YOU have to want this more than your competitors. Because if you don’t they will seek out my help and good luck.