3 Things you need to Change when you Network in 2019!

1. Get rid of the hit it and quit it mentality/ the thank you and goodbye mentality, one night stand mentality, networking is about building relationships. Long term. The name of the game is to not only get people to refer you, but for them to continuously vouch for you. Build a good business relationship Instead of asking for the business right away. The outcome is people selling you because you add value and build trust. Like my True & Trusted

2. Have a bad rap…Maintain a good reputation, if people know you as someone that doesn’t add value. Takes your referrals and leads and connections and never reciprocates. That OW relationship…One way, You’ll eventually create that as a reputation for yourself and the love will fade! And so does the Mula!

3. Stop asking the same boring questions 3. Ask more unique questions.Try…. If we were at a different networking event and you were too hope and wish that these type of people were there, who would it be? This shows the person that you’re talking to that you’re actually interested and more engaged to help them more than helping yourself.

A. Do you meet a lot of your future clients at events like this?

B. How long have you been in this industry?

C. What made you want to do this as a profession?

D. Whats your biggest hobby outside of what you do for work?

E. What do you think about networking events like this?

F. So outside of directly giving you business. What are other ways I can help your business grow?